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Client Testimonials

Jen is such a special part of our birth story. This was our second baby and we knew we wanted a labor and delivery that was as natural and intimate as possible. The hospital system can be an overwhelming system, but Jen was such an amazing advocate for us and our birth plan. She was there to answer my calls and return texts right away. We talked about our hopes and worries. It’s different than talking with a friend or family member. There are no judgements or expectations from her.  

At the hospital she was so great with talking to the staff. Really making positive connections between us and them. That alone was such a weight off our shoulders. It’s such an exciting time, sometimes you forget to rest in the beginning, eat and stay hydrated. Jen was so nurturing and made sure all of that happened.  Most of my labor was just focused breathing through each contraction. Jen was there for every one of them. When I needed a change in position, she was right there to guide and support me. Her presence was so calm and comforting. 

Doulas really do make a difference. It was more than trusting someone to help. It was having someone to trust in us. Our baby boy was born happy and healthy with the support of Jen. We are so grateful.

Julie W.


Hiring Labor of Love L.A. and having Jen as our Doula was incredible!  My wife had mentioned getting a Doula in the past but I had no idea what to expect.  Encouraged to be open-minded, we decided to hire Jen to help us during pregnancy and birth. She was very encouraging throughout the whole process.  She was very knowledgeable about dealing with hospital staff, effective birth planning, pregnancy, and birth. We had A LOT of questions and she promptly responded to every text message and phone call regardless of the day or time. When it was finally time to go to the hospital, she showed up within 15 minutes, had her bag of tricks, and was ready to have a baby!  After having our first child without a Doula, this experience with our second child was incomparable; magical.

The part I loved the most was the fact that Jen knew exactly what our birth plan included. This allowed me to focus all my attention on my wife. Plus, when my hands got sore from massaging, had to use the restroom, or just needed to step back for a minute, Jen was right there!  We switched off different positions, tried different methods, I even took a nap, and then a few hours later had a new baby boy in our arms.


This was the best experience and I couldn’t imagine having our second child without you.  My wife was very happy with the whole process and I highly recommend Labor of Love L.A.!  If we happen to get pregnant again, I still have you on speed dial ;) 

- Chad F.


I was going for a VBAC and I needed someone to help me through the pain and to stay focused on my birthing goals. Jennifer was so bubbly, friendly, very wise and educated . She answered every question and concern that we had. She came over and we worked on my birth plan. We created two plans, one for a vaginal delivery and a second one for a c-section just in case. We put it all together and talked about different comfort techniques. The big day came and I rushed to the hospital. Yep, I was already 6cm dilated! I quickly progressed and Jen got there and helped me labor through every contraction. Just when I though I wanted an epidural Jen made sure to go over my request of no pain meds. It was the fear speaking, not actual pain, so I opted not to get an epidural and I’m so glad I did! I’m so glad she was right there when it was push time.  Our baby girl just wasn’t descending. Jennifer tried different positions and made sure I was aware and comfortable every step of the way. My doctor said that my pelvis was flat and baby girl wasn’t coming down the birth canal so my other option was a repeat c-section. Jen made sure I was okay with the decision and that I had the best experience ever. All of my c-section birth plan requests were granted and respected.

This birthing experience could not have gone the way it did, if I hadn’t had Jen there. She totally made it worth it. She stayed a few hours after birth and made sure my baby was latching on and that my husband was okay . She made sure I was okay emotionally and that everything went well. After we got home, we had our postpartum visit and she was amazing. Jen always takes her time and never rushes, so we can talk for hours. She always included my husband and my 5 year old daughter in every conversation. Jennifer is an angel and I definitely will keep her in mind for my next birth even if it’s a c-section! My kid's births when they are older and any family or friends that want to hire a doula, Jen truly loves what she does. I love her.

- Michelle L.



I couldn’t imagine what our experience would’ve been like if we didn’t bring Jen into our lives when we did. I truly believe that the conversations we had and the work we did leading up to the big day was a life saver! Jennifer helped us prepare in a way that allowed us to be present when the time came. We addressed fears and concerns so we could eliminate as many surprises as possible. It would be impossible to eliminate all surprises (because that’s part of your journey) but it was really comforting to minimize them. 

Jennifer is extremely educated about what she does and has fantastic bedside manner. She was extremely present every moment she was with us and she was able to connect with the whole family. (Even our dog Vinnie!) Childbirth is probably the most extraordinary experience we get to enjoy in this lifetime and it’s important that you’re surrounded by love and support. Jennifer fit into our little family perfectly and we’ll never forget our experience. Thank you Jennifer! 

- Ashley and Aaron S.


Matt and I learned six weeks before my due date that our doula had to step away for personal reasons and that is when she referred us to Jennifer.  Jennifer’s positive and supportive nature made what could have been a stressful transition feel seamless and steady.  Those same traits were present for the duration of my pregnancy and my home birth.  I truly don’t think I could have had my son at home without her.  Her unwavering belief in my strength gave me the  courage I needed to trust my body and the process as I labored for fourteen hours.  During a number of intense contractions I literally threw myself on her and she not only caught and supported me without hesitation, she did it with a smile on her face and a warmth that eased my fears.  Her pep talks saved me every time I felt like I wanted to give up.  Right after Leo was born I remember saying to her that I couldn’t have done it without her, to which she responded, “Yes you could have.”  And that is true, but I’m glad I didn’t have to because her presence was the guiding light that allowed Matt and I to navigate the unknown with confidence, to find the moments when we could lean into love to give us strength and to create space to celebrate the magic of bringing our son into the world.   We were lucky to have Jennifer on our side and are honored that she is an integral part in the story of Leo’s birth.

Morgan D.P. 


Jennifer is a dream come true for pregnancy, birth and postpartum. We started working with Jennifer early on in our second trimester. She helped us navigate our first pregnancy in the most helpful and beautiful way. The world was a crazy place, in the middle of a global pandemic, and Jennifer always made us feel at ease and was able to answer any questions or send us to the right place to find answers. Our birth was nothing that we had in our birth plan, but it was absolutely perfect. Jennifer was there to help me in the most beautiful moment of my life, but also to keep my partner strong for me and our baby. Our love for Jennifer is indescribable, she will forever be a part of our family.

Jennifer P. 


Working with Jen was the best decision we made. She truly provides a labor of love that comes from straight from her heart. My only regret is we didn’t meet sooner... Jen provided us with the education and support we needed to make a confident decision to do a home birth, as well have a successful breastfeeding experience. With Jen’s guidance, we built an incredibly dynamic, smart and fun group of women to welcome our beautiful baby girl into the world. Because we had the tools and knowledge, our home birth was efficient, safe and pain free!

Nina O.


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