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Jen is such a special part of our birth story. This was our second baby and we knew we wanted a labor and delivery that was as natural and intimate as possible. The hospital system can be an overwhelming system, but Jen was such an amazing advocate for us and our birth plan. She was there to answer my calls and return texts right away. We talked about our hopes and worries. It’s different than talking with a friend or family member. There are no judgements or expectations from her.  

At the hospital she was so great with talking to the staff. Really making positive connections between us and them. That alone was such a weight off our shoulders. It’s such an exciting time, sometimes you forget to rest in the beginning, eat and stay hydrated. Jen was so nurturing and made sure all of that happened.  Most of my labor was just focused breathing through each contraction. Jen was there for every one of them. When I needed a change in position, she was right there to guide and support me. Her presence was so calm and comforting. 

Doulas really do make a difference. It was more than trusting someone to help. It was having someone to trust in us. Our baby boy was born happy and healthy with the support of Jen. We are so grateful.

Julie W.


Hiring Labor of Love L.A. and having Jen as our Doula was incredible!  My wife had mentioned getting a Doula in the past but I had no idea what to expect.  Encouraged to be open-minded, we decided to hire Jen to help us during pregnancy and birth. She was very encouraging throughout the whole process.  She was very knowledgeable about dealing with hospital staff, effective birth planning, pregnancy, and birth. We had A LOT of questions and she promptly responded to every text message and phone call regardless of the day or time. When it was finally time to go to the hospital, she showed up within 15 minutes, had her bag of tricks, and was ready to have a baby!  After having our first child without a Doula, this experience with our second child was incomparable; magical.

The part I loved the most was the fact that Jen knew exactly what our birth plan included. This allowed me to focus all my attention on my wife. Plus, when my hands got sore from massaging, had to use the restroom, or just needed to step back for a minute, Jen was right there!  We switched off different positions, tried different methods, I even took a nap, and then a few hours later had a new baby boy in our arms.


This was the best experience and I couldn’t imagine having our second child without you.  My wife was very happy with the whole process and I highly recommend Labor of Love L.A.!  If we happen to get pregnant again, I still have you on speed dial ;) 

- Chad F.


Labor of Love L.A.

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