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Birthing Philosophy

My birthing philosophy is pretty simple. You are the boss! You are the expert on your body and the expert on your baby. I encourage you to listen to your inner voice, trust your body, and trust the laboring process. So much of pregnancy and birth revolves around embracing the changes that are happening in your body. The birthing  experience you have is deeply connected to where you are mentally during labor. I focus on preparing my clients to get into a positive mindset for their birth and to meet each surge with acceptance. In order to do so, the birthing person needs to feel safe and relaxed. We work on creating you a birthing space that is conducive to supporting that type of positive energy. Every pregnancy is different and everyone has their own unique approach to how they plan to bring their child into the world. As your Doula, I am committed to preparing you in a comprehensive way, so that you have the best opportunity to have the labor and delivery that you want. In addition, I provide physical and emotional support in whatever capacity is needed to enable you to have the birthing experience that you desire. 

I provide evidence-based information and resources, and we discuss the pros and cons of your options so that you can make informed decisions regarding your care and the care of your baby. I do not judge your decisions or impose any personal preferences. I am trained in a variety of birthing methods and utilize that information in a pro-active approach to set you up for success. Regarding childbirth, DONA International emphasizes, "How will she remember this?" My goal as a Doula is to ensure that when you reflect on your labor and delivery, you will feel supported, respected, and empowered by the experience.

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