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Jennifer Buonamassa

I am half Irish and half Italian and I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. My mother was a Lamaze instructor and taught childbirth classes in our home, so I grew up surrounded by expectant couples. I was completely enamored with the journey of pregnancy and childbirth and I used to sneak out of bed in the evenings and watch my mom teach those classes. By the age of three I had memorized every word, much to her surprise! Needless to say, my childbirth education started early! I am the eldest of 4 siblings and 16 grandchildren, so I also grew up surrounded by babies. ( My mom has photos of me pretending to breastfeed my dolls when I was little). I was born to be a Doula!

I met my wonderful husband in 1999 and we were married in 2002. We couldn't wait to become parents and read everything we could get our hands on regarding pregnancy and enthusiastically took childbirth classes. We had two wonderful births supported by an incredible Doula at Cedars Sinai and welcomed Enzo into the world in 2004 and Angelo in 2006. We also have two rescue puppies, two guinea pigs, and a lizard.

After working in various creative and administrative positions throughout my career, I decided that I needed a change; I wanted to forge a new path that provided me the opportunity to make a positive impact in the world and empower women in the process. It was through my own birthing experiences that I came to the decision to become a birth Doula. I have a servant's heart and nothing fills me with more joy than uplifting and supporting my clients. 

As my career as a doula progressed, I began to feel a strong pull to deepen my education and further my commitment to supporting people in birth. That call led me to pursue the path of becoming a midwife. I am enrolled at the National Midwifery Institute as a student midwife and continue to expand my knowledge and understanding of the clinical, physiological, and emotional complexities of birth. For me, supporting families on their birthing journey is truly a Labor of Love.

Doula Training
Birth Doula - DONA Trained

Bini Birth - Instructor - Ana Paula Merkel 

Postpartum Doula - DONA Trained
Instructor  - Kathrin Auger
Childbirth Educator - ICEA
Instructor - Ana Paula Merkel
Lactation Educator - CAPPA
Instructor - Christie Jo Hendricks
Spinning Babies 
Instructors - Nicole Morales and Lorenza Holt

Bradley Childbirth Method

Instructor - Anne Leyden

Infant, Child, and Adult CPR Certified  - CPR AED Program
Instructor   - Samar Mroue
ICAN 2019 Professional Badge.png
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