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Supporting Families through Pregnancy and Birth

Labor of Love L.A. provides a variety of services, and opportunities to prepare you for the birth of your child, as well as assistance during the transition after your baby arrives. I offer Birth and Postpartum Doula support, Childbirth Classes, Lactation Education, and Newborn Care Classes throughout Los Angeles, Ventura, and the San Gabriel Valley.

My goals are to educate and empower you to have a positive and peaceful birth and postpartum experience. I offer evidence-based information and resources, so that you can make informed decisions on what you feel is best for your family. My role as a Doula, is to provide education and unbiased support for your vision for your birth. Birth is a transformational experience. The transition that happens in life when you become a parent is profound. As your Doula, I will be there to guide, encourage, and assist you as you embark on this new path. I love caring for the families that I work with. It is a joy to support  you on your birthing and parenting journey. 

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