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Postpartum Doula Support

The role of the Postpartum Doula is to assist new parents during the transition of welcoming your new baby home.  My goal is to empower you as a parent. I provide emotional and physical support and provide the proper care as you recover and heal during the 4th trimester. I will support as you process your birth story and I am there to listen and validate the emotional journey that you are on. 

  •        Provide postpartum comfort measures for physical healing from birth

  •        Assistance with establishing a healthy daytime and nighttime routine

  •        Assistance with breastfeeding and/or bottle-feeding, and pumping

  •        Providing emotional support for both partners on the adjustment to parenthood

  •        Running errands and grocery shopping

  •        Accompanying client(s) to doctor’s appointments

  •        Baby’s laundry

  •        Light dishes; such as clean up after bottle feeding/ breastpump parts

  •        Assistance with light cooking for breakfast or snacks

  •        Introduction and demonstration of newborn care such as bathing, swaddling, and diapering

  •        Caring for baby so that the new parents can have a break, nap, or shower

  •        Screen for postpartum mental health

  •        Sibling bonding support

  •        Provide evidence based resources and referrals as needed.

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